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Settle your dispute through mediation with our guidance

SMG Mediation are here to settle your dispute through mediation with our guidance. We take pride in rebuilding relationships in Civil, Commercial, Employment & Workplace disputes. Also Neighbourhood, Landlord and Tenant disputes. We understand that conflicts can diminish trust, confidence and respect in any relationship. Our mission is to inspire all individuals and businesses in the world, to settle their disputes through negotiation with our guidance. If you are looking for a cost effective resolution to settle your dispute, then contact us today. The likelihood is that you will benefit from our guidance through conciliation to resolve your case.

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Mediation Week 2016SMG Mediation believes that mediation has a vast amount of benefits that includes:

  • Giving parties the voluntary choice to decide on the own settlement
  • Giving parties the opportunity to have a speedier resolution.
  • Being heard and understood
  • Maintaining privacy and confidentiality
  • Having a cost-effective resolution
  • Rebuilding & improving personal or business relationships
  • Reduce or eliminate stress
  • Avoid cost orders in court or Tribunal