SMG Mediation

Civil Commercial Mediation

Civil/Commercial mediations each participant then has the opportunity to talk about the dispute and the process of working towards a mutually acceptable settlement can begin.

Typical situations that arise for a Civil/Commercial Mediation:

Insurance and Reinsurance

Partnership and Shareholder

Property, Land and Real Estate

Project Mediation

Pensions and Life Assurance

Regulatory and Public Sector

Entertainment and Media

Construction and Engineering

Commercial and Business

Transportation Disputes – Marine, Aviation and Energy

Family Business, Trusts and Relationships

Financial Services and Banking

Inheritance, Wills and Probate

Professional Negligence

Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence

Intellectual Property

If you wish to discuss your Civil/Commercial dispute with us book a free consultation. If you are ready to schedule your mediation book a mediator.


“Selina is cool calm and collected and has wide commercial experience. She brings a great attitude and remains professional at all times, a great choice for mediation.”