Family Mediation Service

We discussed in my last blog how do mediation services work? so now we can turn to the biggest area to use mediation that of a Family Mediation Service.

New Family Legislation introduced

In April 2014 under the Children and Families Act 2014 changes were implemented in law, making it a requirement for separating couples to attend a meeting to find out about mediation. This must be done before they are allowed to take disputes over finances or child custody to court, with exemptions of cases such as domestic violence and child abuse.

Separation or Divorce

When couples separate or divorce, and families face breakdown, there are many practical and emotional issues to resolve.

They may have to decide whether or not to sell the family home and discuss any financial assets to be dispersed. Separation can cause great uncertainty, frustration and raise stress levels making it difficult for many couples to talk to each other about their concerns and the plans they need to make for the future.

A Family Mediation service can help because it gives you a private and supportive setting to talk through all the issues surrounding a divorce or separation.

Professionally, trained neutral third party mediators equip you with the tools to untangle all the strands around a family breakdown, whether it is before, during or after the event. It is an informal process that helps focus on practical plans for the future, Mediators will not make the decisions but help the parties involved work them out for themselves.

By resolving issues through a family mediation service, you stay in full control of the decisions that affect your family. Mediation also helps find new ways of communicating with the ex-partner and helps build a future for both sides in their new circumstances.

Disputes involving children

Family disputes involving children are particularly challenging as a decision needs to be made on where children will be living as well as the contact arrangements for both parents to spend sufficient time with the children.

Family mediation can help support children as they make the necessary adjustments in their home life. The family mediation service sessions are focused on making a fair and safe environment for the children, to help to establish a sound foundation for continued good parenting. As a part of the mediation process, it is sometimes possible to bring the children in to have a confidential discussion with the mediator. This helps to create a safe place for children to offload how they feel about the current situation and any concerns they have can be answered. This helps parents to stay focused on the needs of their children.

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