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SMG Mediation have an a multi award-winning service and are here to settle your dispute through here to settle your Dispute through Mediation. We take pride in rebuilding relationships in Civil, Commercial, Employment, Workplace & Family disputes. Also Neighbourhood, Landlord, and Tenant disputes. We understand that conflicts can diminish trust, confidence and respect in any relationship. If you are looking for a cost effective resolution to settle your dispute, then book a free consultation with us today!

Settlement Through Mediation With Our Guidance

Our Mediation Services


Civil/Commercial mediations each participant then has the opportunity to talk about the dispute and the process of working towards a mutually acceptable settlement can begin.


Employment mediations are usually set up by external legal advisors and are used when an employee or former employee and an employer are in a legal dispute and need to negotiate a compromise agreement.


Family mediations are usually instigated by the Breakdown in families and disputes over inheritances and trusts. This can produce some of the most emotional and sensitive disputes.


SMG Mediation understands that Flexibility in mediation is fundamental and that not all parties are able to commit to an agreed venue, due to geographical location differences.


Workplace mediations are usually instigated by Human Resources departments that want to prevent a disagreement escalating into a formal dispute, and restore a good working relationship between colleagues.

Professional And Experienced Mediation

Why Choose SMG Mediation

Excellent Track Record

Our strong track record is a key feature of SMG Mediation and successful cases that run at a rate of 93%. This refers to the history of SMG Mediation having successful mediations, as well as its reputation in the community.

Transparent Fees

Our transparent fees mechanism is one of the key features of SMG Mediation. It ensures that clients understand the fees associated with our mediation services and are not surprised with unexpected costs.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Customer service is a critical feature here at SMG Mediation, as it can greatly impact a client's overall experience. Good customer service involves providing clients with clear and timely communication throughout the mediation process, being responsive to their needs and concerns, and treating them with respect and professionalism.


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Successful Cases


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20 Million

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Are you in a dispute?

Do you need a cost effective, speedily, private & confidential resolution?
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What Our Client's Say

Selina is cool calm and collected and has a wide commercial experience.She brings a great attitude and remains professional at all times, a great choice for mediation.
Michael Beasant
Thank you for helping me with my dispute regarding my client. Your advice, and speedy respone is always thorough, and very helpful. Your knowledge has saved me a lot of time and expense, and your support for my business is much appreciated. Selina, you have been such a great help, and I would definitely recommend your mediation services to family, friends, and anyone who may be in a legal dispute.
Alex Nellas
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